What is Defined By Eye?

Defined By Eye is an LLC that I created in December of 2007 to help individuals and small businesses create or maintain a website. I will work with you to make your website look the way YOU want it to look, and at the same time, provide a valuable information source for anyone looking to know more about you or your business. Defined By Eye is located in Lynnwood, Washington.

You may already know me from NetRiver, Inc. You may also know that NetRiver has recently gone through quite a few changes, and have now re-focused their business model around their impressive new data facility (which, if you haven't visited it, I recommend doing so).

Whether you are visiting this site from NetRiver or not, here are some of the benefits to you:

  • Reduced hourly rates of $50.00/hour (minimum of $25.00).
  • A new business with a familiar (and still local) face.
  • Need hosting, email or domain name services? NetRiver is still right next door!

Defined By Eye LLC is a preferred partner of NetRiver, Inc.

What are my goals?

This LLC is a project of mine to gain development experience, build up my portfolio, and help out a few people while doing so. I hope to become proficient in all facets of "web development".

Defined By Eye business card

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